Q&A - Slow Goods made in Canada - N-Product


We believe in keeping it simple, which would explain our very short Q&A section.

  1. Who the or what the heck is this N-Product Inc. all about? 

    That’s just our company name, we thought it had a nice generic industrial ring to it. But don’t be fooled, our global HQ is a little  bungalow and the CEO still takes out the trash on a weekly basis. Seriously though, the name refers to our desire to create beautiful objects to the nth degree, plus as a special bonus, this spelling produced the phonetic equivalent of the term 'end product'. Cute right?

    Seriously, serious though, we're just a husband and wife team. We are fans of design, fashion and music; and we value quality and craftsmanship.

  2. How did you come up with this idea?

    It sprang from a casual stroll and a short conversation. Walkmans and mixtapes were integral parts of our youth, and here was a unique idea to merge the past with the present.  

  3. What does the name Deckster mean?

    The concept is based on a casette tape deck, but more modern and updated. Also, we never thought of another option, so it stuck.

  4. When was the first Deckster made?

    The first prototype came out of the oven in November 2010. It was an SLA prototype, it had the texture and look of hardened white chocolate and it was gorgeous. 'Mmmm stereolithography apparatus...

  5. What's this patent pending business?

    As a small company, we made a decision to invest in securing a patent for the custom utility design of our Pop+Lock™ System to ensure that we can control the overall quality and consistency of each Deckster made.

  6. Will the Deckster fit my (thick or thin) wrists? 

    We have used North American sizing charts for the average men and women respectively. Weird wording, we know none of you are average in any way.

  7. Will the Deckster keep my iPod nano waterproof?

    That's 100% negatory. We designed it to be a beautiful and fun showcase for the nano, it's not meant for your iPod to be locked away and sealed inside an air-tight fortress of plastic or silicone.

  8. How does one get all those fun new clock faces?

    All the new clock faces are built into the iPod nano's new OS, you just need to plug in your iPod to your computer and connect it to iTunes—and pick Check for Update. Once it is done the software update, just head into the Settings>General>Date & Time>Clock Face. That's it!

  9. I changed the shop's currency but my cart still uses USD, what is up?

    Our shop's currency switcher is for information purposes only, we wanted to give our int'l buyers a quick idea of the conversion rates. All prices will be converted to USD at checkout.

  10. What's the secret to eternal happiness?

    Great question and we have spent many long nights debating this. We came up with a lot of answers, but none of them is as awesome as this.

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