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Product Care

Read and follow these instructions to ensure 100% satisfaction. Take care of the Goods, and they will take care of you.



While the Deckster is quite proper on its own right, it is made to be accompanied by the 6th generation Apple® iPod nano . 

The Deckster is comfortable in a wide range of situations and environments. It can be the finishing jewel as part of a svelte 2-button suit or an elegant cocktail dress; conversely, it can be the showstopper when worn with a classic RUN DMC tee, a pair of jeans and some crisp white high-tops. From boardroom to showroom to backroom, the Deckster is ready to perform in any situation.

The Deckster contains intricate mechanical parts, that may need a bit of a workout if it has been sitting for long period and the Pop+Lock™ System has not been engaged in a while. Just open and the close the Deckster a few times and it will spring into proper duty in no time. Even Carl Lewis needed to warm-up and stretch.


If for some godforsaken reason some debris or detrimental substance comes into contact with your dear Deckster, do the following:

DO remove the iPod nano before any cleaning takes place.

DO use a slightly damp (with water) cloth and gently wipe off the offensiveness.

DO re-evaluate your friendship with the person who got your Deckster dirty.

DO forgive them if it was your sweet grandma.

DON’T ever, never, ever use a cleaning solvent of any kind on the aluminum or the leather parts. It would best to avoid using any cleaning solvents all together.

DON’T submerge the Deckster in a liquid. That means partially, completely or even just a little bit.


There may come a time when you may want to take your Deckster off, we understand. If you do, please keep the following in mind:

DO feel free to use the box your Deckster comes in or something similar.

DO be mindful of high moisture areas such as bathrooms, Swedish saunas, Turkish baths, etc.

DO avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight when not in use.

DO avoid direct exposure to your pets, curious children or a combination of both.


In the case of your item of clothing comes into contact with foodstuff, non-foodstuff and general dirtstuff, do the following:

DO follow the washing instructions on tags inside garment.

DO use common clothing cleansing best practices.

DON'T iron any printed areas.

DON'T dryclean and place inside a dryer unless the label allows for it.