Sticker by SISC x N-Product

Sticker by SISC x N-Product

SISC aka Lobsterwolf aka Geoff Gibson is an artist based in Ottawa.

"At an early age, i would sit and watch my grandfather draw. It would give me goosebumps, and I can clearly remember how awesome a feeling that was. His circles always seemed perfect. I also remember him making two quick arcs with his pencil, and like magic they became a seagull in the sky. So simple, but just like the circles, those simple lines told a story, without using words. I think I am still chasing those stories in my sketchbooks on a daily basis."


  • 3" diameter Vinyl Sticker

Pickup is available at our shop, Division located at 1A McCormick St in Ottawa. Use code "ottpickup" at checkout.

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