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We're based in Ottawa, Canada. We never shy away from the fact. We never down play it.  We grew up here. We left here. We came back here. We met here. We decided to stay here.

'Pride' would be an understatement, when we decided to set some roots in this town, we went in hard. All. The. Way.

There's lots to love about this little city. Its proximity to Québec, it's surrounded by water and woods and it has a huge chip on its shoulder. All of which, WE LOVE. So we thought it made perfect sense to create the (very limited edition) Capital City Capsule, a trio that is basically a love letter to this town. 

The Lamp

The desk lamp was made for us by our good friends over at Na Coille Studio. It was made from a hunk of reclaimed elm that was previously serving as a support beam for a barn. We then took the topographic map of the surrounding Ottawa region and created an artwork of multiple layers overlapping each other. That graphic was then laser-etched on the front facade of the Elm beam. All other sides were left clean, except for the longitude and latitude laser-etched on either sides of the map. Simple, clean and ready for any room in your home or office.

The Sweater

We, then lasercut, etched and sewed the same topographic design onto reclaimed genuine leather elbow patches onto our premium sweatshirts in dark charcoal. Super comfy and super warm for those cold winter days. The japanese loom cotton blend is perfect as a layer base for the frigid February mornings or a light jacket for those crisp summer nights.

The Tuque

Please note the spelling. This is the correct spelling of this variant of head gear around these parts. As the final "topper" (see what we did there), we added a 100% wool knit beanie with a nice wood detail. Warm and fashionable, done up Canadian style.

The Capsule

Put it all together and what do we get? A very limited (Only 3 available) kit that has enough warmth and comfort to ease you through the rest of the harsh winter. All include hand work detail. All made with love. All made in Canada. 

Photography by Steven Phaneuf