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Our one year anniversary came and went, and in keeping with the current pattern we were too busy to really notice. September 12 the day was, if anyone is keeping score. There may have been a quick note on Facebook or Twitter and a quick high-five, before we buried our heads back into the grind. We celebrated by assembling and packaging Decksters and writing mailing labels!

It’s been a roller coaster of a year—check that— it’s been an out-of-control speeding bus driven by Sandra Bullock filled with craziness, fun and not-so-much fun. Juggling full time jobs, a new business, a young family, home maintenance, friends, family and everything else has been a challenge. We’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices to make it all work, but we still feel blessed to be able to build something that we are passionate about. We’re still trying to find the right groove, supporting each other whether we succeed or fail. This takes place every day.
We hope to build a business that we are proud of; something that represents who we are and what we believe in. 
Sure, the ball(s) drops sometimes, we just pick them back up and try again. We made one agreement before we dove head first into N-Product, we don’t let the ball drop when it came to our son. Amidst the chaos, we have managed to keep family first, dedicating time everyday to us as a family.
This marathon just started, we have a lot of hustling to do. We hope that once we have gained some momentum, there will be more time for friends and other adventures.  

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for being unbelievably supportive and so understanding when we sometimes (most times) bail on plans at the last minute. 

We will make it up to you all. Promise. 

Merci merci merci.  Bisous xo

Chrys & Dom

One the fine craftsmen that will be working on the Deckster

As a design team, a company and a married couple, decisions flow through a myriad of factors before finding its final destination. One decision in particular has never wavered. The Deckster must be made in North America—without question.

Why bother? When there are simpler, cheaper and faster options just a few time zones away? Simply stated, because we can. N-Product is just us, we have no investors or stake holders to answer to. We want to create a company based on values that we believe in. This is something that is very important to us. We are passionate about our designs and we want to make them with practices that we appreciate.

When the both of us were growing up, there was still a strong and healthy manufacturing industry in North America. At that time, there was a great spectrum of products that still bore the small print of Made in Canada or Made in USA somewhere on their bodies. We like the notion of an idea and its manufacturing sharing the same place of birth.

We are practitioners of the Slow Goods movement, where objects take time to craft, are composed of quality materials and last a lifetime, or two. We have takeng elements of the Slow movement and applied it to the creation of products with our very own Wikipedia entry for Slow Goods. This involves using on-shore manufacturing, sustainable practices and small production numbers. It demands discipline and finding the right partners.

We are but one small company that has helped create this resurgence in on-shore manufacturing. We’re a family business that seeks out and partners with other family owned suppliers and manufacturers. In our small way, we want to contribute to the manufacturing resurgence in North America. Canada and the US has many small, passionate and skilled manufacturers who are motivated to do great work.

We struggled and strived and we are lucky enough to find 3 such partners in our quest to bring the Deckster to market. We believe that this added effort, time and money spent translates into a top shelf design that we are proud to produce and that you would be proud to bring into your life.