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This post has been long overdue. Last November, we were crazy lucky to be a part of something pretty special. We were approached by a friend and the founder of Fancy Boys, Martin Gomez. Gomez and I (Dom) first had met in design school more than a decade ago. He wanted to throw an event. So, we wanted to bring some things that we loved—good things—together and see what would happen. It became a beautiful creative collaboration that culminated into a great finale.

This is what went down.

We approached Beau's All Natural Brewing Company located nearby in Vankleek Hill. We asked if we could make a special batch of brew to coincide with our event. We pitched an idea making a Tacolot-inspired brew...and we bring the Antique Skate Crew up for visit...and can we do this in the next couple of months? 

Steve, TIna and Jordan from Beau's said, "Yes, yes and yes."

The name 'Road Rash' came within a 5-minute chat with Jordan (Beau's amazing Creative Director) that same day. Beers, tacos and skateboards.

It was perfect.

This is the video our buddy, Guillaume Lebel shot when we transformed the Beau's brewery into a skatepark for a day.

This is the photo shoot by Andrew Szeto.


Fuck e-vites. We designed and made beautifully-etched personal invitations. 

This is the party invite. 

Fuck email. Gomez and I picked a diverse group of people (some friends, some strangers, all talented hard-working people) that we admired and inspired us by doing great things in Ottawa. One afternoon, we picked a route from East to West then we showed up at their door and invited them. 

We just gave them a time and a place, no more info than that. Our guess was that if we picked the right people, that would be all they needed to be curious enough to show up.

This is how we invited people.

This is the setup.

This is 150+ people having some fun.

Good Things was ambitious and we far surpassed our goals. But we wouldn't have achieved anything without the following people.

Jon Reilly-Roe (Tacolot)

Aaron Cayer & Team (Antique Skate)

Steve Beauchesne, Jordan Bamforth, Christina Stuewe, Matthew O'Hara & the entire team (Beau's All-Natural Brewery Company)

Guillaume Lebel 

Andrew Szeto

DJ Calcutta

Briana Kim (Café My House)

Michael Farber (Farbs Kitchen)

Adrian Salamunovic & Nazim Ahmed (CanvasPop

Martin Gomez, Neil Madagzia, Darcy Aubin, Robyn Bascombe (Fancy Boys)

Chrystale Ladouceur (N-Product)

And finally, thank you to everyone who came out that night. Thank you for the constant support and inspiration.