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A few things happened.

New web store. New designs. New(ish) brand.

It was always part of the master plan, we would always roll back under the N-Product roof once after we launched Deckster. We took a risk when we first launched by putting the Deckster name out in front of our company name. We needed something catchy and sticky and it stuck. We received great exposure and press and was getting good traffic from day 1.

The Deckster Timepiece was a huge endeavour for us, we designed, manufactured and marketed a product in a very new segment. In an attempt to be sticky, we lead with the product name. And that name stuck, we received great press for our design, but we knew that the day where Deckster will have to take a step back.

While we were aware of the challenge before us and we had a plan, it wasn't an exact science. We used N-Product for a small "corp" site, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

But in the last 8 months, we have been busy little beavers. We brainstormed, designed, prototyped tons of products. 99% of them were scrapped. Check out what we had baking in the oven. The dream of 'products without limitations' is slowly taking shape. The baby is walking now. 

Cardboard Rings

Vintage Jewelry

Urbanwood Maps