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Everybody Sundance-dance-dance

We're into movies, it's a fact. Cinema, film, celluloid, talkies, flicks, silver screen, motion pictures; however you like to classify it, we love it. The only thing better than watching a good flick is watching about 10 of them over the course of a few days surrounded by the talented people that make movie magic. And all this flurry of activity to raise awareness for some great causes. Pretty cool..haha, get it? Park City...skiing...snow? Never mind.

When an opportunity of a lifetime came knocking. We kicked the door open. 

The "Eco Hideaway" Music Saves Lives Lounge at Sundance this year brought together musicians and (up and coming and veteran) entertainers to the Stein Erikson Lodge in Park City, Utah. Together, everyone was there to support Music Saves Lives, a great organization that unites music and entertainers in an effort to bring attention to great initiatives such as blood donation drives and organ and marrow registration.

Here are some of the stars who attended the event rockin' their Decksters. See the entire album on our FB page.

We were more than happy to be associated with such a worthy cause. It looked like everyone had a great time. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't attend the festival ourselves. They say timing is everthing. Although, we both have dreamt of going to Sundance, we had no plans of going this year. Our involvement with Sundance came out of the blue about a month before the event. We were contacted via Twitter by Gotham Chandna (@gothamc) of Cloud21 PR, he was a fan of the Deckster and asked us to participate. Being total fan-nerds of Sundance, it was (sort of an) easy choice. How this came into being is a testament of how business is done these days. 

First contact via Twitter, brief meeting via Skype, 90% subsequent communication via DMs and email. A first for us for sure, we still prefer sealing deals in person with a solid look in the eyes and a firm handshake. Gotham was a pleasure to work with. He made the process smooth and worry free, a consummate professional. We would readily work with him and his team again.

Unfortunately, we had already planned to be in NYC the following week, we were in full prep mode for our first industry trade show, the New York International Gift Fair—we'll be adding a blog post on that later. As a small up and coming company, we only had the budget for 1 major event this year. So this is still the closest to Sundance we have ever been. By proxy is better than by nothing right?

Sundance and the "Eco Hideaway" represents so many things we feel passionate about, a film festival that showcases indie films and talent, and a fun event that is intrinsically linked with music and charity. That's a win all around in our books.

Dominic Coballe
Dominic Coballe


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