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N-Product Hearts MEC

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When we mapped out our course for the company and our designs, we had a very clear perspective on the colours and materials we wanted to use. We were methodical in this process, because in the world of physical product manufacturing, one has very little control. So, we focus on what a small company like us can control. We can only stay resilient to our values. 

We have ideas, good ideas—but, can those same ideas come to fruition under our main goal of producing them in North America? We had a little checklist in our heads. Each idea, no matter how big or small needed to be vetted via that list.

Case in point, we always wanted to offer non-leather, vegan options for our fans and customers. But it quickly became obvious that sourcing rubber or plastic in North America wasn't feasible for a small company that wanted to make small production runs. We have witnessed a strong community of makers who have help add upcycling to the everyday vernacular. So naturally, we went down that route.

We hunted. We gathered. We found a partner.

Mountain Equipment Co-op is a Canadian institution. They're in the business of making people active and happy, which you can witness when you see the faces of their customer shopping in their aisles. When we approached them about our idea, they were more than receptive. 

It has been a slow process (6+ months in the making) but today we launched our Re:Class line for Deckster. We have taken their unwanted backpacks, inner tubes and tires and made high-end timepiece band options. 3 in total, two of which are 100% vegan. We collected the materials and our great manufacturing partner in Montréal takes them, cleans them, cuts them and then handcrafts each band with artistry and care. The results have achieved our goal of being both top-shelf in aesthetics and more sustainable in its genesis.

So instead of wasting away in landfills, those same items will now grace fair wrists near and far. Pretty cool, no?

This has been an especially proud and rewarding product release. We never thought that our path would be a straight vector from A to B and clearly it hasn't been. If zig-zags are the only way we can stay true to ourselves, we wouldn't want it any other way. 


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