Our Story

Who are we?

You may have heard of the cottage industry, well we operate in the tiny shack behind that. Our company is composed of a husband and wife duo living and dreaming in Ottawa, Canada. We're passionate about many things; design, music, fashion, film, pretty much every form of art that has been touched with the indie spirit.

The Deckster iPod Time:Piece is the first conception of this creative union. 

We are practitioners of the Slow Goods movement, where objects take time to craft and are made of quality materials. We have chosen our materials and manufacturing processes with careful consideration as we attempt to bring future heirlooms to your household.

As a company, we are proudly governed by the following:


We hold these values close to our hearts, and they play an important role in every facet of our company. We want to help our local economy by using local suppliers where we can monitor quality and ensure workers are given a fair wage and safe working conditions.

To the best of our ability, we strive to use on-shore manufacturers and suppliers. For products that we don't make ourselves, we searched and sought out small companies that have a steep tradition in quality and craftsmanship. We are in close contact with our suppliers and they are our partners in bringing our designs to life. 

It’s simple, we are two individuals who value quality and substance. No more, no less.

We hope you join us for the rest of the story.

Who is N-Product made for?

The N-Product is made for everyone who has stopped talking and started doing. It's for the idea creators, the change makers and the status quo breakers. It's for the ones who took charge and chose their own path. Their identity is defined by integrity, creativity and passion. They are defined by their patterns of thought, speech and conduct, regardless of their field of work, expertise or knowledge. 

They are our inspiration for everything we do.